The IHOP Petition

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Yeah I said it. RUINED. you know, one time I went to IHOP and mixed all of the syrups together. INCLUDING BOYSENBERRY. To be honest it was horrible. But its a story I still tell today, and its gets a laugh about 70% of the time. But you know what, I will never EVER be able to do that again. Unless by some MIRACLE it comes back. I have about as much chace of that as waking up with pencils growing out my forehead and a rabbit for a nose. But if you, you good natured patron saint of delicious flavor, will sign my petition, my dream may come true. Except the part about the pencils and the rabbit. that would be bad.

Have you ever even been to IHOP? They give you about 20 pounds of food, the whole place is filled with various homeless men and old people, not to metion the vinyl booths forever ingrained with sticky residue from who-knows-where. The BEST thing about it (besides the free mints on the counter) was the DAGGONE BOYSENBERRY SYRUP that they took away just so they could STICK THE NASTY MAPLE SYRUP in the STICKY BLUE SYRUP HOLDER just so they didn't have to bring it in the big bottle that they HEAT FOR 5 SECONDS!!!! well there you go. that's why IHOP ruind the world.


  1. Heh. I'll be linking over here from both of my blogs soon. Go get 'em!

  2. The single greatest tragedy of our modern age.

  3. The single greatest tragedy of our modern age.